Got questions?

Here are some answers to several commons Web questions.

Is your website dressed for success?

Would you take someone seriously if he or she showed up for a job interview in a dirty T-shirt and muddy shoes? No. So, why should your visitors take you seriously when your website isn’t dressed for success either? Read more

How can I increase traffic to my website?

There are two ways to increase traffic to your website. The first is online; the second is offline. You can increase traffic online by way of Google rankings, social media and your website’s search-engine optimization (SEO). Offline,  you can increase traffic through print media that you hand out (e.g., business cards) and word of mouth. Read more

Why is web strategy all the rage?

Web strategy is growing in popularity because business are tired of having websites that stall or damage their business potential. Web design alone is not the solution to being successful online. Read more