The Gramophone is a great place to see live music and to have a drink. This is the third version of The Gramophone’s website that we have done.

Version 3

The Gramophone said that their users wanted a simple interface that displayed all of their show from the homepage. So, that’s what we did.¬†All shows are now fully visible from the homepage, and you can click on the show’s title to reveal additional information. Simple. Effective. Easy.


In version 2 we tried to articulate the sections better. We also decided to take more of a templated approach.


In version one, we simply tried to do our best. The Gramophone was brand new, so we added a lot of information and tried to make it look good.


  1. Site reflects The Gramophone’s professionalism and values
  2. Site builds trust, intrigue and rapport
  3. Increased confidence in online appearance
  4. Increased usability
  5. Easy to manage site
  6. Looks cool!

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