When challenged to design a logo that captured the spirit and energy of West African dance company Afriky Lolo, SOLVM decided to base the scheme off a dramatic photo taken at a past performance.

While the shape of the image is intricate, representing it as a silhouette adds the simplicity necessary for an effective logo.

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Afriky Lolo (African Star) is a powerful, moving West African dance company based in St. Louis. Solvm created a fresh website to help Afriky Lolo promote itself in a professional light. The goal was to illustrate the excitement of Afriky Lolo through a wealth of great photos, and craft the back-end of the site for a dance company’s needs.

Version 2

We made tons of functional updates to make the site more manageable. We also incorporated a lot of imagery and photography   that we acquired over the years.

Version 1

A lot of people loved this initial version of AfrikyLolo.com that we did years ago.


  1. Nation reach and booking
  2. Inspiring imagery
  3. Site reflects Afriky Lolo’s professionalism and values
  4. Site builds trust, intrigue and rapport
  5. Increased confidence in online appearance
  6. Increased usability
  7. Easy to manage site
  8. People love the site!


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