Do I really even need a website?

The answer is an obvious yes. Not only do you need a website, you also need a good one. Good does not need to mean expensive, but it must mean effective.

The benefits

The benefits of a good website are plenty. If your website is built to compliment your business goals than here are a few 24/7 benefits:

  1. nonstop opportunity to help your target audience
  2. nonstop ability to do more business
  3. nonstop chance to stand apart from your competitors
  4. nonstop possibility of having your services and products shared around the world
  5. nonstop data to evaluate visitors needs and service effectiveness

When effective, a website can be the perfect compliment to your business.

The Challenges

Web sites age like bread, not like wine. Having an effective website will take work and maintenance. Here are a few of the challenges involved with getting things right:

  1. Finding the best way to relate to your visitors
  2. Always providing new and helpful information
  3. Watching and assessing your website’s statistics
  4. Learning how to compete online
  5. Acquiring backlinks

I know, the last thing you want to do is to get bogged down in your website when you have a business to run. But this is an excellent opportunity to share your wisdom and to connect with the people that you want to help.

Look, having a website is a lot like brushing your teeth. If you take a little bit of time each day to brush your teeth, you will avoid having breath that scares people, a dingy smile and an atom bomb of a dental bill lurking in the future.

The truth

Yes, you need a website. Can you get by with a horrid website? Yes. You can also get by with horrible breath. But the point isn’t about how much you can neglect your website and still get by. The point is about improving your ability to help your visitors, potential clients and make loyal customers.