How can I increase my ranking in Google?

OK, this is where I tell you the truth, and the truth is: It totally depends. So let me tell you how rankings work.

Ranking in a nutshell

Your ranking depends on the existing competition for your site’s keywords. In the end, the site with the most backlinks wins. Backlinks are links that point to your site from another site. The number of backlinks that point to your site improves your rankings. And the quality of the backlinks to your site improves your ranking also. So when it comes to improving your rankings, here are your options:

1. Spend a boatload of money

You can pay for services to get backlinks to your website. You will probably need to buy thousands to make a difference in your ranking. At best, your site will enjoy a sharp boost in ranking. At worst, your site gets berated for trying to play the system, and Google blacklists your site for as long as it wants.

People buy links all the time; it is not illegal. However, getting called out can ding your reputation and integrity.

Also, these backlinks generally have a low value, so your sharp increase in rankings could be followed up with a sharp drop in rankings.

2. Earn It

The safest way to improve your ranking is to do it the old fashioned way: by earning it. To start, write interesting and helpful content that people want to link to. Yes, it sounds simple but it’s not easy. Offering worthwhile content takes time and practice, but it will be the most valuable thing you can do to improve your ranking.

How can Solvm help?

Solvm can help you to find your voice and aid you in the process of writing great content. We can help you with other no-brainer strategies (local SEO and on-page optimization) that can help a little, too.

Top ranking in Google will bring you more business online, but let’s not forget that your business offline is just as important. If anything, your offline success should be used to promote and strengthen your online appeal.

Does this answer your questions about ranking?