How can I increase traffic to my website?

There are two ways to increase traffic to your website. The first is online; the second is offline. You can increase traffic online by way of Google rankings, social media and your website’s search-engine optimization (SEO). Offline,  you can increase traffic through print media that you hand out (e.g., business cards) and word of mouth.

The Traffic misconception

More traffic to your site does not equal a higher ranking in Google. More traffic only increases your opportunities to do more business or to connect with people online. But be aware of the disadvantage of more traffic. If your site is confusing or misleading, more traffic could mean more people talking about how annoying your site is. This would not be good for business. Invest first in quality, then go for quantity.

Online Promotion

Improving your ranking in Google depends on the level of competition surrounding keywords for your website. If the competition is weak, general SEO practices might give you a good boost in your ranking.

You can also use social media outlets to acquire more traffic. In this case, you would be diversifying your markets online and increasing your visibility in each one.

Also, e-mail marketing can be leveraged to send out information that encourages people to visit your site to get something in return.

Offline Promotion

You can increase traffic to your site by handing out business cards or anything else with your Web address on it. Your goal here is to get your URL into the hands of as many quality contacts as possible. To be honest, this is Solvm’s approach. We’re more about online resources and tools for offline success. Wild success online would be great, but for now, we are more interested in building relationships than in building links.

The truth

Increasing your traffic will take time and effort online as well as offline. There will probably be a unique approach on both that will help you out the most. Just remember this: Once you get visitors to your site, how effective are you at meeting their needs? Your efforts in acquiring more traffic should be worth it. Your visitors want it to be worth it, too.