Timbuk fitness. Nothing but last second everything. All design and photography happened under the tightest of deadlines.

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Nato Caliph is arguably the best MC in St. Louis. I helped him whenever he needs something made.

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DJ Crucial and AgileOne are deejays.

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PLUGFILE just got awesomized.

PLUGFILE does booking and development with local and national musicians. Here’s the final logo above, and drafts of the logo below.

Business Benefits

  1. Professional identity
  2. Identity builds trust

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The mission is for you to have a better life. – UMISSION

We were happy when UMISSION asked us if we could help them design a logo for their business. There is nothing we love more than helping those that help others.

Logo Sketches


  1. Professional identity
  2. Logo increases confidence in appearance
  3. Logo can be printed in one color, thus reducing print costs
  4. People love it

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The last thing you want is a logo, website or business card that misrepresents your company’s brand. Noticing this discrepancy, Solvm worked with Metric Lab (formerly Active Comm Labs LLC) to rebrand the company’s identity. Part of the process involved evaluating the existing brandmark (logo).

The Original Brandmark

We strongly believe that design is a visual language everyone can understand. So here’s what the original logo said to us:

“My rotating arrows indicate that I am about recycling. The A and C monogram indicates a connection to my old and traditional past. My typeface illustrates a creative yet not-too-creative character. And my company name indicates a Limited Liability Company that is active in Comm (whatever this means). By the way, I provide “User Experience and Human Factors Research.”

The original logo illustrates a huge misuse of design vocabulary. In order to generate a logo that accurately represents the company, it was important to clarify what makes it unique.

Redefining the Brand

This is how the founders redefined their company:

  • We help companies create product experiences and brand loyalty through consumer insight.
  • We are an exceptional company that is able to conduct and translate user research (metrics) into logical and easily digestible data (readable stories).
  • We do rock-solid research, and we have the skills to work with anybody.
  • We believe “Metric Lab” is a more accurate name for our company.

With these definitions in hand, Metric Lab and Solvm now had the context to guide the design process. The definitions given by the clients conveyed focus, excellence, skill, research, communication, and a new name — Metric Lab.

New Brandmark

As you’ll see below, the logo went through many drafts and revisions. In the end, Solvm and Metric Lab chose a square with the letters “mL” and the company name, Metric Lab, under the initials, centered and evenly spaced. The square represents structure and stability. The lowercase “m” and uppercase “L” create enough rhythm to kept the logotype from becoming too hard-edged. The typeface, Klavika, was chosen for its solid, reliable and legible character. The company name was then set to small caps with a bit of added letter-spacing (tracking). This design works well in one-color or multiple-color combinations.

This focused, bold and distinguishable brandmark literally gives Metric Lab foundation for its newly redefined company.

Logo Sketches


  1. Logo reflects Metric Lab’s professionalism and values
  2. Logo builds trust, intrigue and rapport
  3. Increased confidence in appearance
  4. People love the logo!

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Mark Twain once said, “Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.”

Well, the same can be said about design.

Sometimes, arriving at the perfect design involves a lot of bad ideas, mistakes and changes in perspective. While working with St. Louis-based Web powerhouse Announce Media, Solvm went through an exhaustive process to create a brandmark and logotype for the company. The initial designs (shown below) span the spectrum of good, bad and ugly; however, all of them were necessary in order to generate a winner.

Try Everything

When designing, try everything. Learning what works is as important as learning what doesn’t. This is an informative process that’s crucial for you and your client. Here is a general representation of the prototypes that led to the final design:



Years later, Announce Media is still satisfied with its logo. At the company’s headquarters, the employees recreated it with Legos. Solvm likes it when people have fun with our work.


  1. Logo reflects Announce Media’s professionalism and values
  2. Increased confidence in appearance
  3. Logo created direction and unification
  4. People love the logo

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The folks at the School for Ethics and Global Leadership, based in Washington, D.C., wanted to improve their organization’s logo. Solvm knew it could make it better by creating a design and color scheme that was versatile.

Green and brown were chosen to symbolize growth, peace and connection to the world. As a bonus, the new SEGL logo could work well on its own in one color, whereas the old logo couldn’t — the globe got lost and looked like a solid dot. Also, the space view of the Earth in the original logo made SEGL appear to be a space program.

The new design implies action, almost as if SEGL is focusing its efforts on the world, which is part of SEGL’s mission: to “create positive change in the world.”

Most importantly, SEGL’s representatives love the logo and feel confident with the school’s refined identity.

Old Logo


  1. Logo reflects SEGL professionalism and values
  2. Logo builds trust, intrigue and rapport
  3. Increased confidence in online appearance
  4. People love the logo!

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When challenged to design a logo that captured the spirit and energy of West African dance company Afriky Lolo, SOLVM decided to base the scheme off a dramatic photo taken at a past performance.

While the shape of the image is intricate, representing it as a silhouette adds the simplicity necessary for an effective logo.

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Kid Droid wanted a unique digital logo, so we made him one. The typeface was made by us and the blurry video effect was conceived by the ever creative Abduzeedo.


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