We made some awesome business cards for UMISSION. We made the card in about 20+ color combinations, and used Moo.com for printing. These cards are slick, and people get to pick their favorite one.

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Solvm helped Pacent, an education-solutions company based in California, design multiple covers for its new standardized test-taking tools. These tools (booklets) help students prepare for and ace the math requirement of the “California Standardized Test.”

Design goals

With teachers and students in mind, Pacent and Solvm set forth to include the following logical design features within the covers of the booklets:

  • Clean and minimal one-color design
  • Lively and logical color scheme
  • Distinguishable
  • Defined place to write a student’s name

Basic adjustments, big improvements

Together, we designed a cover that acomplished the aesthetic and functional needs for each booklet. All booklets are one solid color to keep printing costs low. There is a booklet for each level, and a color that corresponds to that level. Green seemed appropriate for the first level (Math 2) and helped represent a starting point. The last two colors of the booklets are silver and gold, thus indicating a level of mastery and promoting wealth of knowledge.

The top-right corner of the booklet indicates whether the booklet is a Student or Teacher version, thus allowing a teacher, at a quick glance, to tell versions apart.

A large space for the student’s name is provided at the bottom of each booklet. This also creates a standard place for the name, thus making it easy to find.

Since the booklets’ creation, Pacent has reported that they are selling like hotcakes. WIN.

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