Top 5 reasons everybody hates your website

The majority of all websites are plagued with issues that visitors absolutely hate. Here are the top five.

1. It’s confusing

Visitors hate weeding through all the content that you smash onto every page. Ditch multiple sidebars, multiple navigation and multiple calls to action. Have you ever had multiple people try to talk you at once? It’s sucks, doesn’t it? Don’t do this with your website.

Remember: “A wealth of information, leads to a poverty of attention.” – Marty Neumeier

2. Bad design

Bad suits or dresses can be purchased at any price point, which means looking bad is usually an issue of style not money. The same goes for design, which is best used as a tool for organization and communication. If your site looks sloppy, you are reinforcing the perception that your business is sloppy too. If your website used the wrong design elements, you’re communicating the wrong messages about your business.

When you go in for an job interview you try to dress well, right? Apply the same rule for your website, which is perpetually in the interview phase. It will always be scrutinized for professionalism, usability and business potential. Half of the game is just dressing for success.

3. It’s boring

A website don’t need crazy effects or dazzling design to be interesting. All you need is appropriate images and helpful, well written content. Writing for the web is not like writing for school. Long chunks of text are going to put your readers to sleep.

Have you ever heard a politician who is asked a “yes” or “no” question respond with a 10-minute lecture that never addresses the question? It’s annoying. Understand your visitors’ questions, and answer them quickly. Extra points if you can make it helpful and interesting too.

4. The text is hard to read

It is harder on the eyes to read from a computer screen than it is from a book. This is compounded by the fact that most websites either ignore or break every rule of good readability. Make the text bigger for your readers. Give your text more room to breathe. Keep your text from spanning the width of your screen. Otherwise, you make readers strain their eyes, distract them with other nearby content or cause them to lose place of where they’re reading.

It’s important to get the primary vehicle for communicating with your visitors.

4. It’s annoying

Don’t make your visitors click through a splash page. Don’t make your visitors fight through pop-up ads. Don’t program your site to play music when someone visits. Don’t make the site take too long to load. Don’t make your visitors download a PDF when they don’t need to.


5. All of the above

More often than not, the common website suffers from several of these issues that visitors hate. Knowing what’s turning your visitors off can help you learn what your site needs for better performance. Simply avoiding and addressing these issues will help greatly with your visitors appreciation for your site.