When do I need a new website?

You need a new website when your site stops relating well to your visitors. Remember: It’s more than a website, it’s a relationship.

Human cues

If your website yields frustration, confusion, boredom and/or distrust, then it’s time for a new website. Nobody is interested in a negative relationship. This is a lose-lose situation for you and your visitors. They grimace at your site, and you lose the opportunity to do better business. If your customers, staff or you are put off by your website, it’s time for a change.

Visual cues

Often, it’s visual cues in your website that initially challenge the visitor-site owner relationship. Here are a few of the most common visual cues of a poorly relatable website:


Design is a tool for visual communication. Good design can convey interest, organization, stability, professionalism, value and trust. Bad design can convey disinterest, disorganization, instability, unprofessionalism, worthlessness and mistrust. The crazy thing about design is that it prompts instant judgements. By nature, we are engineered to respond to visual cues instantly. Thus, the power of attraction and repulsion. Let’s compare and contrast some designs. Which one looks the most successful and capable of providing excellent services?

Believe it or not, this is the same company. Solvm helped them update their identity to the logo on the right. They already had an amazing business, we just helped them look more professional and appealing.

Check out our advice article about the Metric Lab project.


Layout is an element of design used for organization. Stuff needs to be organized for easy recognition and memorization. Bad layout will make it difficult for your visitors (and yourself) to understand your message, to navigate your site, to find what is important and to remember where it was. Let’s look at some examples.


Again, this is the same school in each image. Solvm helped The School for Ethics and Global Leadership (SEGL) to make its website easy on the eye, easy to understand and attractive. The previous site chucked everything at you at once. Three columns compete for attention, the color scheme is all over the place, and text looks crammed. If your site is laid out in a confusing or cramped manner, it’s time for a new website.


One good picture is worth a thousand words. One bad picture is worth a thousand bad ones. Images are best used when they can further complement the purpose of your website or webpage. If you don’t have a great image for your site or page, don’t use one. Let’s just jump to the examples here.


When Solvm redesigned the website for Educational Equity Consultants we used professional photographs. We didn’t want the group to look like four random people hanging out in the woods during fall.

If the images on your website look cheap, out of focus or unprofessional, then it’s time to get a new site.


After your visitors judge your site instantly by it’s appearance, they will then start to read its content. Make headings obvious and interesting. Break paragraphs into digestible lists. And make each sentence a reason to read the next one. For example, which headline would you be more likely to read?

Citrodex’s Alan Glenson gets mentioned in the 2009 review of Biochemical Journal Today


Cirtodex reveals 5 sexy secrets of citric aromas that make humans amorous

If you write interesting content, people will read it. If not, they will ignore it or stop reading it shortly after starting. If your website has boring and stale writing, it is time for a new site.

Truth be told

Most people seem to know when their website is no longer relating well. However, many just leave their failed sites in place. An unmanaged site ages like bread, not like wine. If your website is stale and has any of the problems above, we can Solvm.

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