Why business owners distrust Web professionals

Apparently, there are some shady “Web professionals” out there. Here are a few of the most recent horror stories I’ve heard and how to defend against them.


A new client recently told me that her past Web guy charged her $10,000 for a website, took the money and then disappeared without making it.

To protect yourself, never pay for a website in full; break up the payment into three or four installments. Always have the Web professional write up a contract, and read it over and request modifications before signing.

Truth be told, the Web industry is still a young one. Finding a mature Web professional is every bit as important as finding a capable one.

Crappy service

Solvm had another new client tell us that his past Web professional would never make his requested updates. When the professional did, he’d take months to do it.

To avoid this situation, you should work out a service agreement with your Web professional and be aware of that individual’s true capabilities. Ask your Web professional if he or she does updates, and, if so, ask about the cost and turnaround time for the following types of basic updates:

  • Adding/removing images (or taking photos and finding stock images)
  • Adding/removing text
  • Adding Google Analytics
  • Adding functionality (Image Slider, Contact Form, Shopping Cart, etc.)
  • Uploading video
  • SEO competition analysis
  • Copywriting

Having someone make you a website is one thing, managing it to success is another. Make sure that that the management piece is clearly defined.

The website is hard to update

Another common complaint business owners have is that their site is too hard to update on their own. To avoid this situation, have your website built on top of a content-management system (CMS). WordPress is Solvm’s favorite CMS. There are many other content-management systems, but WordPress is arguably the most popular, flexible and well-supported. As an added bonus, the CMS is free. Having a CMS behind the website will make it easy for you to make your own updates.

Ensure trust with communication

Your website should not be a pain. And the one place where your business is open 24/7 your Web professional shouldn’t be a pain either. Protect your trust and your business online with good communication. Ask for contracts, clear service agreements and websites that are easy to update.