Why is web strategy all the rage?

Web strategy is growing in popularity because business are tired of having websites that stall or damage their business potential. Web design alone is not the solution to being successful online.

Being successful online is a perfect marriage between having the right business goals and an excellent website to achieve them. Web strategy is crucial because it is the practice of knowing what the realistic business goals are and which web technologies that achieve them.

What are the right business goals?

The right business goals are likely to vary between business, but I’d argue that no business can get around these three goals:

1. How can I help more?

A helpful product or service is a fertile ground for business and success. You website should enable you to help more people. Your site will be open for business 24/7, and is can be accessed by anyone in the world.

2. How can I better connect with people?

Back in the old days all business was handled face-to-face. Connecting and relating to people was step number one for business. Even with all the technology of today, it still is. It’s important to know that it your website is more than a digital set of pages, it’s a relationship. Relating to your visitors correctly will help promote your business, create loyalty, build trust and generate sales.

3. How can I conduct research that will indicate best practices and consumer trends?

Getting feedback, analyzing the numbers and measuring business metrics is invaluable to the process of knowing exactly which area of your business needs more or less. There are many tools available to use in conjunction with your website to collect valuable date to help you make informed business decisions.

What is an excellent website?

There are no perfect websites, only excellent ones. Excellent websites excel. No website can withstand the test of time without keeping up with the times. Your website needs to be able to keep up with your business. If your website is not keeping up with your business, I’m sure you already know. Static and inflexible websites stick out like sore thumbs.

Web strategy helps you sift through the scores of web technologies to find the ones that will compliment, promote and expand with your business.

Where do business usually go wrong?

Businesses consistently tend to get their web strategy wrong. Typically their strategy has two demanding goals:

  1. Get a site online ASAP
  2. Find the cheapest option available

Although quick and cost effective measures are necessary in any business, one needs to now when the chicken is done cooking, so to speak. If you don’t cook it long enough your guests could get salmonella poisoning. Cook the chicken too long and your guests wont be able to chew their leathery food.

You can move quickly and you can find a cost effective price for your website, but you need to know how to cook your chicken. Take the time to figure out how to help, relate and evaluate your visitors online. If you don’t well, no one is gonna get sick, but if you did…you could be kicking ass online right now.