Capturing the Spirit

West African dance company Afriky Lolo is amazing. Solvm has all but backed out of photography work unless Afriky Lolo needs promo shots for its annual dance performances. Although capturing stills of dance isn’t easy — and as powerful a dance as West African dance no less — when it’s done right, you can feel it.

No Studio, No Problem

Years ago, Solvm photographed Afriky Lolo in a large studio space. These days, our founder’s home office doubles as a makeshift photography studio. To set up, we cleared out the room, set up a backdrop, mounted an off-camera flash and let the dancers of Afriky Lolo get into character.

A Heavy Dose of Photoshop

Obviously, the images above required a lot of Photoshop work to isolate and clean up the dancers. Knocking out backgrounds is a pain when hair and fur is involved. This video tutorial will help you if you ever face a similar predicament.

All costumes were created by Afriky Lolo. The head pieces were hand-painted and crafted by Nora Harvey.

Even Sweeter

Given the lack of a great studio space and needing to do a ton of photoshop work, we’re extremely happy with the results. However, designing the print material for Afriky Lolo’s performance this year was even sweeter.