Debora Hayden is Awesome

Debora Hayden is an awesome counselor. Debora Hayden contacted us when she found out that her “free” Microsoft “do it yourself” (DIY) website service was being discontinued. Together we were able to design and develop an awesome website that fit her exact business needs.

Old Website

Hayden’s old DIY website enabled her to manage her own site. Yet, it greatly restricted her ability to craft the site to meet her needs, and it’s framework killed her SEO. Plus, it is nearly impossible to look original when forced to use/customize pre-made website templates.


I got my first contact e-mail!! Woohoo!  And the first line was: “I love your website!”.  Pretty good feedback I think. – Deborah Hayden

Business Benefits

  1. Website is easy to manage
  2. Website builds trust and rapport
  3. Increased contact
  4. Visitors enjoy the website
  5. Almost instant ranking boost