Let’s Make a Deal

SOLVM has always loved Brandon Anschultz‘s artwork. It inspires. And we like to work with people who make us feel good, whose work we believe in. So we asked Brandon if he’d be interested in bartering — we give him a website; he gives us a few paintings. He agreed. Now he’s got a personal art gallery on the Internet to display his awesome artwork, and we have four amazing paintings.

Redesign 3

The third design of this site simplifies and minimizes everything. Years of experience with this site enabled us to do a lot of functional customization to meet Brandon’s web needs.

Redesign 2

The second design was build on WordPress to make the site easy for Brandon to update. This site was one of the first WordPress site we made years ago.

Design 1

The first version of Anschultz.com was built in Flash and the design mirrored one of Brandon’s paintings exactly. The site was fun, but suffered from all the problems that come with Flash.


  1. Site is cool and crisp!
  2. Site builds trust, intrigue and rapport
  3. Increased confidence in online appearance
  4. Users enjoy the site
  5. Increased usability
  6. Easy to manage site