Our Favorite Posters

Let us start by saying that these are our  favorite posters. Some projects take forever and present endless design challenges. This one, however, got better with each poster in this series.

In all, Solvm made 13 poster designs for Sundiata, the name of Afriky Lolo’s 2010 annual dance performance. Sundiata is also the name of a famous folk tale told throughout Africa. In fact, the story of the king, Sundiata, is the same story Walt Disney used as the groundwork for its ever-popular musical and animated movie, “The Lion King.” With that said, it was important to Diádié Bathily, the director of Afriky Lolo, to tell the true story of Sundiata without succumbing to Disney’s hacked version of the tale. So, we ran in the opposite direction of existing Lion King visuals.

Design goals

  • Make a compelling poster
  • Evoke emotion
  • Create a sense of authenticity

To make this work, Solvm Photoshopped a bunch of photos to create a hand-sketched aesthetic. The line-making process allowed us to imply/magnify a sense of movement and energy in the dancers’ images. The coloring effect is one that you find on the Web a lot, but it works great. These color masses help bring the illustration to life. The typeface, One Constant, complemented and reinforced this hand-drawn look.


All of the posters are decorated with authentic “bogolan” patterns in the background. The process of making mud cloth is amazing and time-consuming. Fortunately, this is a much simpler process to achieve in Photoshop.

The posters